China Welding king! Welding engine for rocket


When it comes to the craftsmanship spirit, we usually think of Germany, which is famous for its quality. The craftsmanship spirit of Germany is not only reflected in the level of high-tech industrial development, but also in the internal rules of common development among German enterprise workers. It is the German craftsman spirit that drives German products to the world, thus creating many famous world brands in Germany, making "made in Germany" always the representative of quality and reputation.

We all know that Germany, as a craftsman, is one of the countries with the most vacations in developed countries. German citizens often respond to the government's problem of vacations, because they firmly believe in slow work, good work and low price. The German industry with high welfare has always adhered to the craftsmanship spirit of a big country. The brand "made in Germany" is also gradually famous in the world, and Siemens is responsible for it Representative of the world's top enterprises to people's vision, craftsman spirit has become a long-standing trend of German economy.

When it comes to craftsman spirit, China is not bad either. Every year, China holds the annual meeting of "great country craftsman", in which there are many people with craftsman spirit. They have made remarkable achievements in various fields of our country, recognized by the public, glowed in various fields, and made great contributions to social development. Gao Fenglin, the winner of the "great craftsman of the year" in the near future, is the first one in China's welding industry.

Gao Fenglin is also a genuine welder, who has been in touch with the maintenance of motorcycles and cars since childhood. After graduating from technical school in 1980, he was assigned to the engine workshop to work on the "heart" engine of welding rockets. During his work, he worked hard, studied hard, and endured hardships. He has always been a model among many employees. Over the years, Gao Fenglin has also made a great contribution to the welding of Chinese rocket engines. He has overcome nearly 100 problems in welding, has a very high craftsmanship spirit, has won the national labor model, national young post expert and other awards, and has been elected the "Chinese craftsman of the year" in recent years.

In fact, Gao Fenglin has been recognized for a long time. In 2014, he won three World Awards at the German invention exhibition, which is known as craftsmanship spirit. His strength is beyond doubt. Later, Gao Fenglin's reputation is also famous in the world. After that, the U.S. military found the welder king from China, and then repeatedly asked Gao Fenglin to go to the United States to solve the welding problem.

In his 30 years of working in welding, Gao Fenglin has made outstanding contributions in his own post and solved many problems for the welding of engines in China. He is one of the major heroes of the rocket and aerospace industry in China and a real first person and king of electric welding in China!