Difference Between Automatic Darkening Welding Mask and Ordinary Mask


Automatic dimming welding mask. It mainly includes two parts: automatic dimming filter and mask shell. The automatic variable light filter uses the photoelectric principle. When the arc light is generated, the extremely high speed changes from light to dark. Darkness can be adjusted arbitrarily between din4-6 and din9-13. Protect the welder's eyes from ultraviolet and infrared rays. The ordinary mask is a piece of black glass. Its forward vision part is usually made of black gauze, nylon gauze or metal gauze.

The difference between automatic welding mask and ordinary mask is that the structure and working principle are different. Welding mask refers to the tool used to protect the safety of operators in welding and cutting operations. Commonly known as welding cap. The mask is a kind of shielding tool to prevent the damage of t part and neck caused by arc spatter, arc light and radiation light during welding. It has two types: hand-held and helmet type. The brightness color number of the goggle lens can be selected according to the welding current used. Generally, it should not be too bright. It is better to be able to clearly distinguish molten iron and slag in the molten pool.